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Committed to the importance of involving young men and women in peacemaking and their contribution to establishing the foundations of development in their societies, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) presents the first version of the Small Grants Program for Youth Initiatives in Sudan. The program is a response to the recommendations attached in United Nations Security Council Resolutions No. 2419 and 2250, Which, for example, with other documents, is the first comprehensive international policy framework that recognizes the positive role that youth play in conflict prevention and resolution, countering violent extremism, and building and sustaining peace.

The importance of involving youth in making peace and supporting stability in the states affected by wars in Sudan stems from the influence of young men and women on different forms of violence, which are not confined to direct violence represented in armed conflicts, but also include indirect violence that particularly affects the weakest groups in society.

UNFPA provides grants to Sudanese youth to support them in implementing projects and initiatives that demonstrate innovative and effective approaches to promoting intercultural or interreligious dialogue within the four pillars of Security Council Resolution 2250 which include participation, protection, prevention and partnership-making.

The proposed initiative should be youth-led and focus mainly on young people, even if it has an impact on other groups in society. It encourages the engagement and interaction with religious and political leaders, policy makers, educational institutions, media organizations, and influential figures in society.

Target states in the first round: (July)

  • North Darfur
  • South Darfur
  • East Darfur
  • Central Darfur
  • West Darfur

Categories that can apply:

  • Be young (it is not required to belong to a network or group)
  • The initiative is presented on behalf of youth-led networks/groups
  • You must be 15-35 years old
  • That the initiative you are applying will be held in one of the states targeted in the round
  • The submitted initiative should be in the range: 500-5000 US dollars
  • You can submit in Arabic or English
  • Encourages girls to apply


UNFPA is the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency. Our mission is to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.

UNFPA Supports:

  1. Reproductive health care for women and youth in more than 150 countries – which are home to more than 80 per cent of the world’s population
  2. The health of pregnant women, especially the 1 million who face life-threatening complications each month
  3. Reliable access to modern contraceptives sufficient to benefit 20 million women a year
  4. Training of thousands of health workers to help ensure at least 90 per cent of all childbirths are supervised by skilled attendants
  5. Prevention of gender-based violence, which affects 1 in 3 women
  6. Abandonment of female genital mutilation, which harms 3 million girls annually
  7. Prevention of teen pregnancies, complications of which are the leading cause of death for girls 15-19 years old
  8. Efforts to end child marriage, which could affect an estimated 70 million girls over the next 5 years
  9. Delivery of safe birth supplies, dignity kits and other life-saving materials to survivors of conflict and natural disaster
  10. Censuses, data collection and analyses, which are essential for development planning

UNFPA is formally named the United Nations Population Fund. The organization was created in 1969, the same year the United Nations General Assembly declared “parents have the exclusive right to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children.”

UNFPA in Sudan

Active in Sudan Since 1973, UNFPA program aims to improve women health and quality of life through availability and quality of reproductive health services.UNFPA supports efforts to increase access to voluntary family planning, emergency obstetric care and elimination of gender-based violence and harmful practices.

UNFPA Jobs in Sudan

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