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The future is calling.
Are you listening?

You are the founder in this entrepreneurship master class that takes you from finding your “big idea” to bringing your concept to the world.

Start your entrepreneurship journey

Entrepreneurship Adventures is an eight-week program that brings the founder experience to life. Open to aspiring founders and anyone interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, this gamified experience puts you in the driver’s seat as you navigate the real-world decisions entrepreneurs face as they bring their ideas to market.

Each week you’ll learn by doing, with case studies, videos, and other dynamic content designed to power your entrepreneurial evolution. To complete each level successfully, you’ll work through interactive challenges to help you apply your learnings and keep you moving forward.

At the end of the eight-week adventure, you’ll have successfully worked through the startup lifecycle and, in the process, gained the skills & knowledge you need to jumpstart your entrepreneurship career.

Each week you’ll learn by doing, with case studies, videos, and other dynamic content designed to power your entrepreneurial evolution. To complete each level successfully, you’ll work through interactive challenges to help you apply your learnings and keep you moving forward.

At the end of the eight-week adventure, you’ll have successfully worked through the startup lifecycle and, in the process, gained the skills & knowledge you need to jumpstart your entrepreneurship career.

Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value. With this definition, entrepreneurship is viewed as change, generally entailing risk beyond what is normally encountered in starting a business, which may include other values than simply economic ones.

Duration8 weeks
LevelAll welcome; no prior experience needed
FormatOnline course; unlock one level to get to the next
CertificateAvailable upon completion

How Entrepreneurship Adventure works

  • Free 8-week entrepreneurship master class
  • Unique gamified learning experience teaches the pillars of entrepreneurship
  • Challenges taught by KAUST Entrepreneurship Center instructors and expert mentors
  • KAUST certificate of completion awarded
  • Course content available in Arabic

What you’ll learn on this journey

We recognize that no two people — and no two entrepreneurs — are the same. Entrepreneurship Adventure was designed to accelerate learning, discovery, and personal and professional growth, no matter your goals or learning style.

The 8-level program encourages learning through hands-on decision-making in a dynamic, real-world environment. Each week you’ll navigate life as a first-time founder, moving from big idea to product concept, and then going-to-market in search of success. Every move is your own — and every move is an opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship by doing, not just reading or listening.

From finding inspiration to building and leading a team to bringing your business to consumers and investors, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to excel as a first-time founder, and how to apply those learnings right now to chart your own path to self-defined success.

An Unconventional Syllabus: Unlock One Level to Enter the Next…


The Start of the Adventure: Skills for the New Century

From mindset shifts to understanding the tools, technologies, and innovations impacting the startup scene, level 1 is all about preparing you for what comes next, so you can build your team — and your business.


The Search for the Golden Opportunity

In level 2, you’ll define and refine your big idea, determining viability, assessing opportunities and deciding where you go from here.


Unconventional Discoveries: The Client & The Product

With your big idea taking shape, it’s time to better define your customer and product needs — that’s where empathy and design thinking (and level 3) comes in.


The Cliff of Sustainability

Entrepreneurship is more than a single big idea. In level 4, you’ll learn how to understand and strategize around your audience, your market, and your competition so your business can succeed, today and tomorrow.


A Fateful Scene: The Art of Recital

Telling your startup’s story is essential to securing funding and support. In level 5, you’ll work to perfect your message, get people to fall in love with your venture, and prepare to answer hard-hitting questions from potential investors and partners.


Entering the Jungle: Creating a Map of the Market

Before bringing your big idea to market, you’ll need to define your audience and get your first customer, then build out a scalable go-to-market strategy, and create a roll out plan — the core concepts we’ll cover in level 6.


Prospecting for Investment

Finding funding doesn’t have to be a struggle and talking to investors doesn’t have to be a mystery. In level 7, you’ll build out a practical toolkit that tells your startup story, and helps you find the capital needed to succeed.


The End of the Beginning: Start the Real Adventure

Now that you understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, it’s time to apply your skills to the real world. In this final level you’ll understand how to deploy all your learnings in ventures, corporates and non-profits as you determine what comes next for you and your entrepreneurial career.

Case Studies

You’ll gain real-world insights and best practices from some of the most innovative startups and brands in the Arab region and around world including:

From idea to impact: Saee

Founders Ihab Nusair and Tariq Al Turkistani wanted to boost female employment in Saudi Arabia — but their big idea didn’t take. Instead of walking away, they used this experience to launch Saee which, in year one, raised more than USD $2.5 million in funding and created residual income opportunities for 15,000+ Saudi youth.

From corporate to startup: Cura

Wael Cabli quit two well-paying jobs to pursue his passion for creating products and services that drive meaningful impact. Ultimately, his marketplace know-how and laser-sharp focus led to the launch of Cura, a leading telehealth platform that’s rapidly expanding in the region — and has supported more than 2 million patient consultations.

From Tradition to Innovation: LEGOLEGO, the global toy manufacturer, was struggling, until it adopted an innovation-first mindset. Now, the iconic brand has gone from being USD$400 million in debt to rapid growth and profitability, thanks to a new business model that’s redefined its manufacturing, distribution, and value chain infrastructure.

Meet your Mentors

KAUST instructors and startup mentors will take you through your Entrepreneurial Adventure, with hands-on support, guidance, and insights that ensure you’re able to go from learning to leading in just 8 weeks.

Hattan Ahmed

Head of KAUST Entrepreneurship Center

Haitham Alhumsi

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center Team

Abdulrahman Aljiffrey

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center Team

Arwa Shafi

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center Team

Dr. Lama Haken

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center Team

Dawood Mohanna

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center Team

Mohamad Alwan

ِAbout King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

KAUST Entrepreneurship Center Team

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is a private research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2009, the university provides research and graduate training programs in English as the official language of instruction. KAUST is the first mixed-gender university campus in Saudi Arabia.


For more than a decade, KAUST has been redefining education, with a focus on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Beyond its cutting-edge research, KAUST is also home to Saudi Arabia’s leading accelerator and entrepreneur training programs.

To date, KAUST has trained more than 11,000 innovators from around the Kingdom. Over 250 of these have gone on to launch and scale their own brands and startups — including Sadeem, UnitX, and more. Learn about their journeys and connect virtually with a community of innovators through Entrepreneurship Adventures.

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Earn your Certificate

Entrepreneurship Adventures is a free to access course that offers innovators free training, content and virtual activities.

Complete the adventure and you’ll have the insights and actionable knowledge to find and launch your big idea. Upon successful completion, you’ll have the option to purchase an edX Verified Certificate of completion acknowledging completion of the KAUST course and showcase your achievement.

Highlight Your Entrepreneurial Achievement

Receive a signed certificate from KAUST to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.

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Who should join Entrepreneurship Adventures?

There’s no one clear-cut path to entrepreneurship — and, likewise, there’s no one “type” of entrepreneur. Because of this, Entrepreneurship Adventures is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, and what it takes to go from an initial concept to a thriving business.

Keep in mind, entrepreneurial skills have a broad range of applications. Even if you don’t plan to or don’t end up launching your own business, these modern skills and insights are an asset in any field or role. Entrepreneurship is about problem solving first — and that’s important to any organization in any industry.

So who’s “right” for Entrepreneurship Adventure?

  • Students who want to enhance their learning and career prospects with a unique approach to entrepreneurship.
  • Professionals from any industry or background who want to try — or, simply, experience — something new.
  • People considering a career in entrepreneurship, who want to enhance their know-how or learn the ropes from the ground up.
  • Anyone with a big idea — or anyone who wants to find their big idea — but doesn’t know how or where to start.
  • People looking for a change — a change of perspective, career change, or a new way to tackle old problems.
  • Anyone open to new ideas and a fresh way of thinking about the world and how you can make a difference, no matter how big or small.

Entrepreneurship Adventures is designed for people of all skill levels, educational backgrounds, and business experience. No prior coursework or professional experience is required.

The future is calling.
Are you listening?

Register now and start charting your path to entrepreneurship success.

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