The University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship for Masters in UK



Founded in Bristol, it is a world-class institution that encourages the creation of innovative graduates through research, as well as cultural, social, economic and environmental initiatives.

Students have ample opportunities to learn professional management and employability skills upon entering this university. Students may learn transferable skills that will help them deal with different situations that they can try in their careers.


  • Host University: University of Bristol
  • Study level: Postgraduate (Masters)
  • Country of study in the United Kingdom
  • Deadline: 10 AM (UK time) June 14, 2021.

Funding provided in the Scholarships

The scholarships will be provided in the form of a discount on the tuition fee and are non-transferable and no cash will be provided.

If the scholarship amount is more than the cost of the tuition fee, the tuition fee will be fully covered and the remaining amount will not be provided to the scholarship holder.

Conditions for submission

  1. Acceptable Course or Subjects: Master’s programs in the majors available at the university.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: Please fulfill the following requirements to find out if you qualify or not:
  3. Be applying to any one-year full-time graduate program at the University of Bristol.
  4. To begin the graduate program in September 2021.
  5. To be classified as a foreign student for fee-paying purposes.
  6. Not have already obtained other funding that will equal more than the full cost of the tuition fees along with the Bristol scholarship.
  7. If you apply for this scholarship, you will also automatically be considered for any other international scholarships from the University of Bristol if you qualify for it. You do not need to submit two separate applications.
  8. If you receive a scholarship, you agree to act as a good ambassador for the University of Bristol and you will occasionally be required to participate in events or promotional activities. Any participation in these activities will take no more than five hours per semester.
  9. You must be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover the remainder of the tuition fee in addition to appropriate living expenses. You will need proof of this in order to obtain a visa to enter the UK.
  10. The Think Big Postgraduate Scholarship is only available for one-year master’s programs.

Assessment process

Round one – successful applicants will be contacted on or before 26 April 2021. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified shortly after.

Round two – successful applicants will be contacted on or before 9 July 2021. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified shortly after.

How to apply

  1. How to Apply: To apply for the scholarship, please fill in the application form when you click on the “Apply for Opportunity” button before June 14, 2021.
  2. You are not required to provide any documents when applying for the Think Big Postgraduate Scholarship.
  3. You will need to provide the following information while filling in the application form:
  4. UCAS ID (if you are a college student) or AY ID (if you are a graduate student) or Student ID (if you applied through the Global Transfer Program) or Kaplan ID (if you are a KICL student) .
  5. The course or course you have already applied for.
  6. The name.
  7. E-mail address.
  8. Nationality.
  9. Country of permanent residence (this is the country in which you normally reside and not the country in which you live just for the purpose of full-time education).
  10. Current or newer educational institution.
  11. Details of any other financing you are supposed to receive.

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